Waxing Moon Energy

As the moon swells up with light in the sky, We too begin feeling fuller. Her energy over us can feel too strong or overwhelming at times but that can be transmuted into something productive. By evaluating yourself, centering, breathing deep, meditating or any other means of going within, and then simply deciding to embrace your own strength,... Continue Reading →

Morning Mantra for Motivation

I am the master of my universe and change begins with me. I take credit and responsibility for what my life contains. I take credit for creating all that is to come. I am my motivation. I am my empowerment. I am my will and my drive. I am my own boss, management, and workforce... Continue Reading →

Waning moon energy

As the moon is waning we too may feel depleted. We may feel the need to withdraw, to pull inward, away from society, gatherings, or social media. Do not fight this, or force yourself to interact, or wonder what is wrong with you. Do not scream “But wait! Shit! No! I want to be energized... Continue Reading →

Why you need to stop, drop, and yoga.

Yoga noun (yo-guh) 1. a school of Hindu philosophy advocating and prescribing a course of physical and mental disciplines for attaining liberation from the material world and union of the self with the Supreme Being or ultimate principle. WHY YOGA: - To lose weight and build muscle - To keep your sanity - That’s all... Continue Reading →

What defines you?

We are not defined by the worst thing we have ever done, nor are we defined by the worst thing that has ever been done to us. We are not defined by our upbringing, by our circumstances, or by our failures. We are defined solely by what we have chosen to become despite these things.... Continue Reading →

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