Waxing Moon Energy

As the moon swells up with light in the sky, We too begin feeling fuller. Her energy over us can feel too strong or overwhelming at times but that can be transmuted into something productive. By evaluating yourself, centering, breathing deep, meditating or any other means of going within, and then simply deciding to embrace your own strength,... Continue Reading →

Dear anxious woman

Dear anxious woman. I know your mind is in constant motion. I know every step forward feels as if it could be your last For a million and one different reasons. I know your thoughts are a steady train, that seem to know no end. I know that leaping is fearsome because you know every... Continue Reading →

Gaia over everyone

She’s not much for crowded rooms or worn out conversations, half baked attempts at fitting in. She’s not much for busy spaces or fast paced noise surrounding. She prefers to lie among the blossoms, for in her own right she is one in the same. She can be found among the tall trees simultaneously reminding... Continue Reading →


He loved her, in the same way that she loved the moon. He loved her on the nights she was fading, he loved her when she was incomplete. He loved her through her darkest times when she had nothing left to offer, and he loved her as she blossomed back into her light. He loved... Continue Reading →


When trouble comes for me I will not be backed into a corner Broken Shriveling Begging for air I won’t be made small made fearful or made worrisome My armor won’t be stripped down or lessened When trouble comes for me I will stand tall with shoulders back head high teeth bared Thrashing against all... Continue Reading →

Love Letter to my Mistress (Maryjane)

Your magic courses through my veins, You obliterate my pain. Visions become clear as you take me higher, Through each breath drawn, you inspire. You lead me deeper to my own knowing, Illuminate paths to keep me growing. Your essence flows, From my head to my toes, Healing, divine, passions ignited. Beautiful, sacred Mother Ganja... Continue Reading →

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