Back to our roots: finding your passion

What would your career be today if your natural interests and talents were nurtured as a child? Before society made its impressions on you, or a well-meaning loved one urged you to focus on something more realistic? Those things you delighted in without refrain. The things you chose to spend your free time on when... Continue Reading →

Finding the light

To everyone asking where my writing has been, I’m still here kicking! The last month or so has been spent cozying up to deep seated depression and anxiety. I have been thanked for my honesty, and know that I inspire by sharing how I’ve overcome hardships, so to be honest, I have been silent because... Continue Reading →

The world needs what you’ve got

The light that has been poured into you was never intended to be hidden from the world. Through the wounds and scars of experience you’ve been filled with power. Through every battle you faced you’ve found a light, a knowledge. For you to shy away from sharing your testimony, or your gifts, for fear of... Continue Reading →

Resolve to Evolve in 2018

How about we all take responsibility for ourselves and our actions in 2018? How about we focus on our own lives and tend to our personal growth in 2018? How about we invest time into our dreams in 2018? How about you, and me, and everyone in between begins to recognize that we heal the world by... Continue Reading →

A Meeting of Souls

Hello world. Welcome. I hope this will be a safe space for you. A place where you are reminded to love yourself unconditionally. A place where shit gets real. A place where inspiration abounds and growth is encouraged. A place where I will share portions of my journey, including (but certainly not limited to); Mental... Continue Reading →

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