Waxing Moon Energy

As the moon swells up with light in the sky,

We too begin feeling fuller. Her energy over us can feel too strong or overwhelming at times but that can be transmuted into something productive. By evaluating yourself, centering, breathing deep, meditating or any other means of going within, and then simply deciding to embrace your own strength, you can begin to turn this extreme energy into extreme power. Pure, positive, energetic power for manifestation. Now is the time to get wild, to believe that you are capable of pushing past any blocks to arrive at your dream life.

Our energy for matters of importance to us: goals, creativity, manifestation, sex, our passion for life begins to increase. We begin to feel the buildup as we head towards the culmination of our goals and lunar illumination. All of the intentions we set during the new moon period have a new energy behind them and we feel optimistic and determined about their coming to fruition. It is a great time to stop and reflect on what you have done to move closer to your goals, and what more you can do to add fuel to your fire. All of the abundance and prosperity we desire is right there at our fingertips, just on the other side of us believing and working intentionally. The waxing moon is the perfect time for that.

She is encouraging us. Get moving. Get growing. Get shining.

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