It all begins within (caring for mental health by caring for your entire being)

One of the biggest steps to healing your mind is to love your body.. ESPECIALLY through moments where you “don’t feel like it.” Move as often as possible, soak up the sun, feed yourself nourishing foods, soak in salty water, feel rain in your hair, dig your feet into the sand. Breathe deep. The more care you give to your vessel, the more health you receive in your brain. 🙌
I have to take a tough love approach with myself when it comes to my mental wellbeing, and now that I’m aware of my truth, one of the things I am learning to do is take accountability for my thoughts, and patterns, and to take action towards altering them.
I have to witness thoughts like “I’m feeling down, anxious, stressed, not feeling it today, don’t know what’s wrong with me, just an off day…” and respond to them with solutions.
And the biggest one is the health of our entire self.
I go through a checklist
like ok girl but have you:
Gotten off your throne of self pity & exercised,
Put down the coffee and hydrated?
Put down the chocolate and ate your healthy fats & fruits and veggies?
Gotten up and opened all your windows or gone outside?
Stopped holding your breath and took deep breaths?
Released the tension you’re holding and walked, or
done yoga?
Put on music and danced & got lost in laughter with your kids?
Turned off the tv and put on uplifting music or inspiring podcasts?
Let go of the narrative “I don’t feel good.” and begun saying “I’m going to feel better.”?
If not….
You can’t say “I’m not feeling any better.”
Without doing anything to make it better.
It won’t always work right away, but it will always work with dedication, consistency, effort, self love, grit, and belief that you deserve to spend every day at peace.

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