Every Moment, You Create Who You Are

You are not your story.

You are not your past.

You are not your parents.

You are not where you came from.

You are not what you’ve done.

You are not what has happened.

You are not what someone else thinks of you.

You are not what you do for a living.

You are what you take these things and transmute them into.

You are that which you believe you are.

You are capable of choosing something different, at any moment.

And you are what you choose to be.

You are the love you give to yourself.

You are where you decide to go

and you are what lingers behind when you leave.

You are what you do for others,

you are the kindness that you show.

You are all that you create.

You are the essence of the thoughts you entertain,

you are what you focus on.

You are the gratitude you feel.

You are the triumph when you’re at your limit and still you leap ahead.

You are the moments of uncertainty,

the moments where you give thought to how you can grow,

do better next time,

you are every step you take away from your mistakes and failures

still standing tall.

You are your journey into your purpose,

the moments that show you’re human.

You are the moments where regret becomes a lesson.

You are the moments you forgive the past,

letting go of the torments of war

and carrying forward only the

armor, wisdom, courage, and strength it instilled.

You are the moments you feel fulfilled,

where pride ignites your being and emanates through your eyes.

Every moment you spend










finding that space of joy and peace,

and learning to live in it..

every step you take into yourself,

you are deciding who you are today

and who you might be tomorrow. ✨✨✨🤘🌙

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