Waning moon energy

As the moon is waning

we too may feel depleted.

We may feel the need to withdraw,

to pull inward,

away from society, gatherings, or social media.

Do not fight this, or force yourself to interact,

or wonder what is wrong with you.

Do not scream “But wait! Shit! No! I want to be energized and expanding and light!”

Because this thing we do where we rage against the inevitable, is the source of our discomfort.

We are bodies of water and vibrational energy

as much in tune with the earth and the moon

as the ocean’s tides and the cyclical nature of all life.

Give in to the flow,

this time of reflection

and allow the stillness to bring you clarity. When your body and mind call for rest, give that to them.

This is a time for releasing and shedding old stories, habits,

baggage and cutting ties

with anything holding you stagnant.

Stay home, journal, nourish, cleanse your home and your mind and your life of clutter, go out into nature to refresh.

Our intuitions are strong and deep,

and only showing us what we need to pay attention to.

And although it may be difficult to withstand wading through our own shit,

this is when we are ripe for transformation. It is empowering to recognize the necessity of all.

When you feel pulled to a certain energy, you must dive into it before it will pass through.

All of nature lives in harmonious acceptance of the entire spectrum, the light and the dark. Hibernation. Cocoons. Seeds in darkness. Dark moon. They come and they go and life continues, in new and different forms of growth.

Sometimes our expansion requires a certain amount of shrinkage and introspection. Our growth requires a certain amount of germination in the dark. This is a part of it all and when we learn to embrace it, we can go through our phases confidently participating in what comes rather than running from it and exhausting ourselves.

What is heavy or uncomfortable is not wrong for us to experience, nor is it meant to be permanent it is only, well.. heavy and uncomfortable as it passes through. It is still very much necessary.

Leading into dark moon,

we wade through the trenches and dive deep,

only to discover the depths do not contain all the monsters that we thought,

but perhaps unexpected findings and information.

Then when the new moon begins to fill the sky again,

we too will be ready to rise up once more,

cleansed of our fears, reenergized, lighter, and with more clarity.

We will rise up ready to shine.

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