Dear anxious woman

Dear anxious woman.
I know your mind is in constant motion.
I know every step forward feels as if it could be your last
For a million and one different reasons.
I know your thoughts are a steady train,
that seem to know no end.
I know that leaping is fearsome because
you know every possible outcome
and I know you become paralyzed by the worst one.
I know that taking chances feels like Russian roulette
I know that simple moments can feel like the world is crashing down.
But this thing that holds power over you
is weaker than you know.
It flourishes on your negative thoughts,
And grows stronger the more you feed it.
It isn’t easy to silence the voice that’s showed up for you all your life.
Not at first anyways.
But the more you show up for yourself,
forcing thoughts that counteract your fears,
The small voice of courage will grow louder.

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