Deep Within There Lies A Truth

When you first find your own small voice tucked away in your being, buried deep under the wreckage of all the shit that has piled on top of it to the point you forgot it was there, it will come as a whisper. That small voice will find you in a moment where you used... Continue Reading →

Waxing Moon Energy

As the moon swells up with light in the sky, We too begin feeling fuller. Her energy over us can feel too strong or overwhelming at times but that can be transmuted into something productive. By evaluating yourself, centering, breathing deep, meditating or any other means of going within, and then simply deciding to embrace your own strength,... Continue Reading →

Back to our roots: finding your passion

What would your career be today if your natural interests and talents were nurtured as a child? Before society made its impressions on you, or a well-meaning loved one urged you to focus on something more realistic? Those things you delighted in without refrain. The things you chose to spend your free time on when... Continue Reading →

Morning Mantra for Motivation

I am the master of my universe and change begins with me. I take credit and responsibility for what my life contains. I take credit for creating all that is to come. I am my motivation. I am my empowerment. I am my will and my drive. I am my own boss, management, and workforce... Continue Reading →


Her eyes speak a language that most cannot comprehend. Observations made living slowly, while everyone else is rushing past. They speak of rising early to watch the sky come to life once more. They speak of walking barefoot on a lazy afternoon, cotton candy sunsets between the heavens and the sea. The way a golden... Continue Reading →

Waning moon energy

As the moon is waning we too may feel depleted. We may feel the need to withdraw, to pull inward, away from society, gatherings, or social media. Do not fight this, or force yourself to interact, or wonder what is wrong with you. Do not scream “But wait! Shit! No! I want to be energized... Continue Reading →

Dear anxious woman

Dear anxious woman. I know your mind is in constant motion. I know every step forward feels as if it could be your last For a million and one different reasons. I know your thoughts are a steady train, that seem to know no end. I know that leaping is fearsome because you know every... Continue Reading →

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